The Hourly Recruit….

Recruitment Process CertaStaff The Hourly Recruitment Process By: Jill Friedman The hourly recruitment process can be both easy and painstaking at the same time.  Typically with hourly personnel we get a broad mix of people in the office to interview.  In my office, I have had everything from people with blue hair who have spent […]

Staffing a Growth Industry

Growth Industry CertaStaff Staffing a Growth Industry By: James Sutton During the recession of 2008, companies were faced with major setbacks and layoffs. As the unemployment rate increased, causing firms to have to make challenging decisions, organizations had to learn how to strengthen their financial position. Their options were to either downsize head-count or to […]

Starting a Staff….

Staffing Agency CertaStaff Starting a Staffing Agency By: James Sutton Opening a Staffing firm can be quite the accomplishment and adventure at the same time. Many people I speak with are interested in how I got started and how I grew my firm to be a million dollar company in such a short time frame. […]